Digital Will is a Software Developer and a Digital Marketing Agency and a Game Publisher.

Our mission is simple: help people solve their digital problems. When that happens, your business grows, which is good news for us – because we get to continue to work together on even bigger, cooler, more ambitious projects.

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In our way of doing things, each discipline is fully integrated with the others. This gives us a big-picture view for taking on large, multifaceted projects.

Need mission-critical software developed? We can build it and give it a stunning and intuitive user Interface.

Craving a marketing campaign that is both creatively exciting and optimized with data-driven performance? We have you covered.

Want to release a successful game? We can integrate In-App Monetization and handle the marketing to get people to actually play it.

We are Digital. We are Metal.

Let's make something Great together.

Digital Will was originally founded in 2018 by Will Bohn and Don Kratzer as a way to work on fun, creative projects together, help more people, and to support themselves in the process. Unimpressed with the subpar service and extreme inefficiency seen in other organizations, they wanted something new, fair, honest, and efficient. With a strong set of values as their compass, they went to work creating something true to themselves – something metal.



/ Respect _

Rock out, go hard, and leave it all on stage. We lay it all on the table so we can best help you solve your digital problems. It is the defining principle of our metal philosophy – Straight-up, open communication with our team and clients to build trustworthy and long lasting partnerships – no BS.


/ Intensity _

We wield speed, power and passion like a thrashing heavy metal guitar riff. We take on jobs as a team to beat deadlines and crush expectations. Our aim is to attack projects with a power, pace and energy that will leave our clients awed and astounded.


/ Self-improvement _

Great guitar players spend hours perfecting that new lick, and rock legends never stop improving. In the digital realm, as soon as you master one thing, some new technology always pops up – daily. We self-reflect, identify ways to grow, and keep our nose to the grindstone. Our drive to become better never ends.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions – marketing, games, apps, business development, strategy – and would like to talk with informed, capable, motivated humans about serious solutions, hit us up via the form below.

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