Game Publishing

We offer a full range of services to publish successful games including development, monetization and promotion.

Digital Will is a full service mobile game publisher! 

Over the past year, we have been working closely with top-level independent game developers to create entertaining mobile games in multiple languages for players all over the world.

Taking a mobile game from concept to consumer-ready product requires experience and strategy. Digital Will now offers a full range of services to publish and operate game apps including development resources, app monetization and promotion solutions.

If you are looking for resources to help in publishing your mobile game or application, Digital Will can support your efforts. 

We are currently hard at work on new titles as well.

Infinity Pinball

Infinity Pinball is our newest game and we are really excited about it! Served up in a nostalgic retro style, these infinitely long procedurally generated pinball tables live inside a virtual Pocket Game. You can continually play your ball up up up (and fall down down down) the table levels for endless fun as you win coins, collect unique balls and unlock new tables.

Trash Factory

Trash Factory is a wacky fun trash sorting game! Match the items to their corresponding bins based on their colors! Don’t let the manager get angry or you might lose your job!

Help the trash pandas (raccoons) 🦝 sort garbage by making sure the items go to the corresponding trash bins! If you don’t sort correctly, your manager will get mad and you will lose your job! 

The gameplay starts out slow, but gets faster as you do well at your job! (We believe in your abilities!) Think of this game as a kind of Tetris, but with trash, conveyor belts, and raccoons with hard hats!

Nature Strikes Back TD

 “Nature Strikes Back TD” was our first mobile game for Android and iOS. Nature Strikes Back combines the best aspects from merge games, tower defense games, and idle games into a unique gaming experience with fantasy elements and cute characters.

Mobile App Promotion and Monetization

Digital Will is leveraging our years of digital marketing experience to promote games : driving  installations retaining users and effectively monetizing through strategic in-app advertising.

We are always on the lookout for app development partners who want help promoting and monetizing their own games and applications. 

Product Consulting

Additionally Digital Will can help you to brand and support your mobile app with branding, website and ecommerce development capabilities.

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If you are an App Developer looking for a partner for marketing, production or other strategic support, please contact us. We Can help!