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/ Server-Side Signals Integrations _

Get stronger signals from customers to navigate with confidence online.


Signals are an online marketer’s compass. Getting a full picture of who is clicking, and their journey through your funnel is crucial to the success of any online campaign. However, traditional signal technology is becoming increasingly ineffective, making it harder for marketers to navigate. The writing is on the wall: cookies are on the way out and server-side signals are in.

Server-side Signals honor users’ privacy choices and eliminate the need for traditional signal technology. Digital Will can quickly and easily integrate server-side signal solutions into your websites and applications – strengthening your ability to reliably measure user engagement. Better signals means better targeting, better optimization and better results.

Introducing The ZZG Signals Platform

If you market on Meta platforms, (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), now is the time to make the jump to the Conversions API (CAPI), Meta’s server-side signals solution. Together with the Signals Platform provided by Official Meta Partner, ZZG, Digital Will is ready to help you make transitioning and managing CAPI fast and hassle-free.

Click here to learn how DW and ZZG can take your Meta marketing to the next level.

/ Large-scale Service Integrations _

No matter the scale of your vision we can make it a reality.

DW_IG_DEV_3 Large Scale

Countless lines of code, colossal amounts of data and millions of users. From optimized hosting solutions to leveraging massive data structures and merging disparate online services, in the realm of large integrated systems, trouble-shooting isn't the exception, it is the norm. Not only do you need products that work, you need products that work on a massive scale.

Whether you need to bring your current system into the next generation, or need new tools to take your service to the next level, Digital Will can integrate your vision seamlessly across multiple platforms, organizations, and markets.

From Consulting and Strategy to Implementation and Deployment – no project is too big or complex.

/ Website & Mobile App Development _

Smart, intuitive digital product design brings your vision to life.

DW_IG_DEV_2 Web App

In today's economy, across every industry, companies rely on online applications to reach a wider audience, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals. With millions of apps on the market, what determines success? To put it simply, functionality. A clunky app turns off customers and costs you business. To be successful, your app must run flawlessly with polished UX/UI on the front-end and robust functionality on the back-end.

From native apps for Android and iOS, E-commerce deployments and web applications of all kinds, Digital Will can develop and deploy the perfect website or mobile app to help you activate your services, delight customers and grow your business.

/ Data Analytics and Measurement _

Assimilate, analyze and visualize your data to focus on the things that work.

DW_IG_DEV_1 Data

To gain a competitive edge online, it is essential to collect and analyze huge amounts of data to find patterns, predict trends, and improve performance. But with an ever increasing amount of data and information flowing in and out, it can be a herculean task to make sense of it all.

It’s time to harness the power of data and achieve your goals. Digital Will has the data analytics and efficacy measurement tools you need to put concrete numbers to your KPIs and focus your vision on the things that work.


Break into the blockchain and leverage your digital assets.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, sit at the intersection of art, commerce and technology. They are unique pieces of digital data minted as one-of-a-kind crypto tokens, stored and protected via the blockchain. A market has emerged around this technology that gives companies and creators a new and exciting opportunity to monetize their digital assets. With clips of NBA dunks selling for thousands, and historic tweets selling for millions, one thing is clear: NFT collectibles are here to stay.

If you are considering deploying digital assets onto the blockchain, you’ll need a solid strategy that is in sync with your company’s overall brand, goals and audience. Digital Will can help your company develop an NFT offering that suits your organization's objectives - from strategy and marketing, to creating storefronts and the collectible assets themselves.

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