Introducing The ZZG Signals Platform

Quick and reliable migration from pixel tracking to the META Conversions API


Connect with your customers like never before!


Reach more people who are interested in your brand


Deliver relevant ads & optimize conversions


Accurately measure and report on your campaigns

Struggling to get consistent signals from your customers on Meta platforms?

Is it getting harder to gain a clear picture of your audience?

Not getting the data you need to optimize for conversions?

Digital Will has the solution !

Better Signals.
Better Insights.
Better Results.

Make the jump from the pixel to the META Conversions API today!

Digital Will can get you integrated fast – putting you at the helm of the dynamic and dependable ZZG Signals Platform. No headaches or time wasted on costly coding and fixing mistakes


The solution has arrived, but deploying CAPI can take weeks, or even months, of valuable time and resources, and if set-up incorrectly, runs the risk of inconsistent signals.

Digital Will is here to provide you with a fast and hassle-free connection to CAPI.

Get connected fast. Get started NOW.

Increase in signals
Events captured on lower funnels
Onboarding Time

Cookies in Decline

Signals, or event data from your ads and websites, give you the crucial information you need to know when and what type of customers are clicking. In the past this was done with browser cookies, but the writing's on the wall – cookies are out, and you need a new way to get those crucial signals. 

CAPI: The Server-side Solution

For Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the answer is already here: Conversions API. 

Conversions API, or CAPI, is a performance marketing solution developed by Meta that sends signals directly from the server to Meta, taking cookies out of the equation.


Get connected fast

Digital Will takes care of all set-up, coding and calibration of the ZZG Signals Platform for you. Deployment  takes less than 48 hours for standard systems. 

An official Meta partner, The ZZG Signals Platform is already trusted by dozens of multinational agencies and companies to deliver steady and superior signals.

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