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Digital Will loves games. We develop and publish engaging native mobile games as well as original HTML5 games and interactive content. Many intertwining elements must all come together to make a great game – attractive visuals, a compelling story, intuitive controls – but more than the sum of its parts, your game must be fun to play and keep the player coming back. At Digital Will we develop captivating games and pioneer innovative ways to distribute them to players around the world.

/ Infinity Pinball _

Where we are going, we don't NEED quarters…

Infinity Pinball Cover 1

Infinity Pinball is a revolutionary twist on the pinball genre – the fun never ends! This game features infinitely long procedurally generated pinball tables levels, served up with 80’s retro style and a pulsing synthwave soundtrack. Players can continually play the ball up to reach new table levels for endless fun as you win coins, collect unique balls and unlock new tables.


  • 5 Different Infinite Pinball Tables each with unique soundtracks, designs and bash toys!
  • 9 Unique balls to collect!
  • 11 Skins for your Pocket Game!!
  • Super cool synthwave soundtrack

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/ Robot Rejects _

A robot battle arena of mechanical mayhem!

In this robot battle arena game, create and customize your own fighting robot and pit it against rival bots in an online multiplayer battle arena!
The game is jam-packed with steel-on-steel robot destruction, but underneath the saw-slicing, metal-melting action is an advanced customization system that will bring out the engineer in everyone who has ever dreamed of creating their own fighting robot.


  • Online 1v1 and team multiplayer
  • Over 50+ different weapon types
  • 100s of robot customization options
  • More action-packed game modes to be announced


Fight back against an evil virus and save the system!

Journey inside the world of a computer network and fight a vicious virus that is wreaking havoc throughout the system. In this cyber-themed rogue-like FPS, play as an elite agent of the System Restore Force tasked with purging the system of the virus’s corruption. Featuring fast-paced run-and-gun combat clothed in a tron-like aesthetic, you’ll earn upgrades, defeat bosses and uncover the mysteries in the code on your mission to restore the system!


  • Full size campaign with rogue-like progression
    Improvisational combat – different weapons, enemies & environments
    Fast-paced wave combat
    Extreme mobility with a dash and jetpack

/ Trash Factory _

A wacky fun trash sorting game!

Help the trash pandas (raccoons) sort garbage by making sure the items go into the right trash bins! If you don’t sort correctly, your manager will get mad and you will lose your job! Inspired by the strict garbage disposal rules in Japan and other countries, the game starts out slow, but gets faster and faster as you get better at your job. Think “Tetris”, but with trash, conveyor belts and cute raccoons in hard hats!



  • Free to download and play
  • 4 difficulty levels from movie to expert
  • 3 kinds of power-ups to get you out of a jam
  • Cool and catchy 8-bit soundtrack
sushi supply

/ Sushi Supply Co. _

Build a sushi empire with cute kitty chefs!

Sushi Supply Co. is an Idle Tycoon style game where your dreams of creating a sushi empire come true! Watch the profits pile high as you grow your business and unlock new varieties of Kitty Sushi Chefs as level after level you are overwhelmed with riches and cuteness. Tap on chefs to maximize efficiency and upgrade your chefs & warehouse to increase your earnings!



  • Free to download and play
  • 30+ unlockable sushi chefs
  • 30+ different kinds of Sushi
  • Idle play to keep earning while offline!

/ HTML5 Game Development _

The Future of Online Gaming


It is projected that two-thirds of the world’s gamers are “casual” gamers, and HTML5 is the language of casual games. HTML5 games require no downloads, require little or no registration and for the most part, are completely free. Digital Will makes fast-paced and fun HTML5 games that brighten your life and create a buzz – from arcade classics, racing and puzzle, to sports, matching, and many more.

Featured games:

  • Cactus Bowling – A wacky western twist on bowling. Yee-haw!
  • P2 Ball - Bust all the blocks before they reach the top!
  • Circle Ninja - Use your ninja skills to slice circles and get points!
  • and many many more...

Check out all our great HTML5 games on our Demo Game Portal!

/ HTML5 Game Portals _

Add a Game Portal to your site to boost user engagement & revenue


A DW HTML5 Game Portal is an online digital arcade of free-to-play hyper-casual games that you can easily add to your website at lightning speed at no cost to you!

Adding a DW Game Portal to your website grabs users’ attention and increases engagement with your website – all while bringing in more Ad Revenue. All you need is a Google AdSense account and your own domain – we provide the hosting and the games. Set-up takes less than 5 minutes.

Are you a Media Publisher with great content and dedicated users? Register now to boost traffic, increase ad revenue, and give your community the gift of free games!

Are you a Game Developer that makes high-quality HTML5 games? Apply to publish your game on our network to reach new players worldwide and boost your earnings!

Visit HTML5GamePortal.com to find out how you can get started today!

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