In-app Ad Monetization

Make the most money for your mobile app through smart advertisement
placements and the best ad technologies and practices in the market.

As an App Publisher or Developer you work hard on your Application to make it great for your users. But it’s clear that consumers are becoming more reticent to pay upfront for apps and depending on your product, In-App purchases are not always an easy monetization strategy. In-App Advertising if implemented properly can be the perfect way to bring in revenue to fund your development endeavors.

Finding the Best In-App Advertising Solution

Digital Will has extensive knowledge of all the major ad networks available both inside Japan and worldwide. Many mobile ad networks support a wide spectrum of different formats, from banners to native ads, while others are focused on specific formats, such as video. Additionally, many of the leading ad networks offer a mediation platform to centralize access to multiple ad networks with a single SDK integration. 

Digital Will helps you navigate the range of available ad network solutions on the market. We can determine the optimal In-App Advertising Solution that delivers the best ad traffic for your application’s audience.

Digital Will can also assist with the integration of the ad networks into your app. This includes helping to design and implement ad placements that optimize your in-app advertising strategy. It’s easy to do this wrong; we can make sure you’re striking the right balance between revenue and user experience.

Once your in-app advertising solution is up and running, Digital Will will work with you to optimize your ad mediation waterfalls, optimization groups, and network settings to maximize your revenue and the overall LTV of your users. 

Digital Will is a Google AdMob Channel Partner, meaning that we work directly with Google on AdMob deployments to help our partners to monetize their apps through high-performing ads.

Mobile Ad Networks

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The decision to implement In-App advertising is often a daunting prospect for many App creators. It needn’t be.

Are you considering monetizing your App by implementing In-App Advertising or already have advertising but are unhappy with your results? We can give you a complimentary assessment of the best strategic approach to maximize your revenues.

Already have a Google AdMob account? We’ll give you a complimentary audit of your ad-monetization setup. 

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