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Welcome to the Digital Will Product Innovation Lab where we develop products and services to solve the real problems that digital companies encounter everyday. Necessity is the mother of invention and the innovative drive behind each of our product solutions came from real problems that our team or our partners have encountered while working in the field.  We offer our own range of homegrown innovative products, as well as partnering with leading digital solutions providers, to bring you powerful tools to make your life easier. 

/ Wortal HTML5 Contents Platform _

Engage users and boost revenue with interactive HTML5 content


A Digital Will original, the Wortal platform is a complete system to remotely serve, manage and monetize interactive HTML5 content on the web. Wortal allows online publishers and website owners to quickly and easily add hyper-casual games, quizzes, books, and more to their websites.The built-in dashboard allows for easy customization and management, as well as reporting to easily evaluate which content is most popular and engaging. Full integration with Google AdSense for Platforms lets publishers monetize the content while engaging with end users.

The Wortal platform powers Digital Will’s HTML5 Game Portal, a free service that allows web publishers to quickly and easily add an online arcade of hyper-casual games to their website. The platform offers lightning fast load times, requires no downloads and is optimized for both desktop and mobile. The free platform is designed to grab users’ attention and increase engagement, with the added benefit of bringing in ad revenue through Google AdSense.

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/ Certsworth _

Never let an SSL certificate expire again


If you’re a developer managing a large amount of servers, you understand the hassle in keeping all of your SSL certificates up-to-date and mission critical websites up and running.

Complete with a cute, yet gentlemanly mascot, Certsworth is a service product that monitors all the SSL certificates for your web domains and alerts you before they expire. Made in our Product Innovation Lab, Certsworth is an invaluable solution for any developer or system administrator. Users can keep track of one domain completely free, and have unlimited domain monitoring for a fixed monthly rate.

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/ FeedTransformer _

Easily leverage your product feed across multiple social platforms


Anyone who runs an e-commerce site knows the power of using social media channels to promote your shop and products. But keeping your product feed up-to-date for each social network’s specifications can be incredibly labor-intensive.

FeedTransformer automatically transforms your online store’s existing product feed into a wide variety of formats for use on different online advertising platforms. A massive time save over one-by-one reformatting, this robust conversion product allows you to simultaneously update and sync your product feed for LINE, Yahoo! Japan and Meta at the click of a button.

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Unify customer journeys, from conversion to engagement to support


Many companies are still using a multitude of communications tools that don’t connect, resulting in fragmented conversations, slower response times, and an overall lack of continuity.

Introducing Intercom - “The Engagement OS” - a purpose-built sales, marketing and support system based on an intuitive chat interface. Automated answers and customizable bots can easily provide first line self-service support and assist in creating sales leads, while outbound messages and product tour features can actively engage and convert leads into customers. All these tools and features are available on the Web, iOS or Android apps in the language you need.

As the first Official Partner in Japan, Digital Will can assist you in choosing, implementing and staffing the right Intercom package for your needs.


Get stronger signals from customers to navigate with confidence online.


If you market on Meta platforms, (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), now is the time to make the jump to the Conversions API (CAPI), Meta’s server-side signals solution. Together with the Signals Platform provided by Official Meta Partner, ZZG, Digital Will is ready to help you make transitioning and managing CAPI fast and hassle-free.

Click here to learn how DW and ZZG can take your Meta marketing to the next level.

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