Powering amazing HTML5 experiences

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Powering amazing HTML5 experiences


Welcome to Wortal, the platform that fully executes on the promise of HTML5. Wortal delivers the best HTML5 content and experiences across multiple devices and platforms. Until now, fragmented networks, low RPMs, IP infringement, and onboarding issues have plagued the HTML5 space, but Wortal is here to save the day. Whether you’re an H5 game developer looking to share your game with the world, a website owner looking to engage your community more, or a large-scale platform looking for fresh content for millions of dedicated users, Wortal is the ultimate system to distribute, manage, and monetize incredible HTML5 experiences.


Share your game with the world



HTML5 Game Developers & Content Creators struggle to reach a wide audience & get fair and consistent revenue share


Wortal for Developers: A complete platform to serve, manage & monetize interactive HTML5 content – a one-stop shop for content creators


  • One Universal SDK
    Wortal SDK covers all major game engines and delivers content across our Game Portal network, inside apps, and anywhere you can imagine
  • A Library Curated for Quality
    We help you onboard your game to ensure it’s bug-free, meets platform policies and optimized for the best player experience
  • Dynamic Infrastructure
    Wortal is flexible and scalable so it can adapt to the needs of developers and website owners now and in the future
  • Revenue Sharing Simplified
    We handle all the publisher admin for you and provide dependable and transparent revenue sharing that works for developers

Wortal is the ultimate full-service platform for HTML5 game developers and interactive content creators. Whether you make games, quizzes, surveys, or interactive videos, Wortal lets you share your H5 content with the world. The Wortalverse spans our vast network of HTML5 Game Portals and super-apps like Rakuten Viber. Getting started is easy. Our Wortal SDK covers all major game engines and a dedicated support team is on deck to help you launch and grow your content.

Visit https://developers.html5gameportal.com and share your awesome HTML5 games and content with the world today!

/ Wortal for PUBLISHERS

Engage users and boost revenue with interactive HTML5 content



Website owners need high-quality content that drives user engagement and retention, without spending tons of time sourcing and managing content.


DW HTML5 Game Portals: A customizable arcade of free-to-play hyper-casual games and in-line content for your website with built-in ad monetization.


  • High-quality Content
    An ever-growing library of interactive content
  • More Ad Revenue. 100% Free
    High value ad placements with zero cost and zero risk
  • Customizable Design
    Use templates to customize your game portal to match your branding

A HTML5 Game Portal is an online digital arcade of free-to-play hyper-casual games that you can easily add to your website at lightning speed at no cost to you. Grab users’ attention and keep them on your site longer with an ever expanding library of entertaining and engaging HTML5 games and experiences. All you need is a Google AdSense account and your own domain – we provide the hosting and the games. Set-up takes less than 5 minutes.

Get a HTML5 Game Portal for your site today!
Sign-up Now! > https://html5gameportal.com/

See it in action - Try out our demo HTML5 Game Portal!
Play Now! > https://gameportal.digitalwill.co.jp/

/ Wortal for ENTERPRISE

Leverage the power of Wortal



Large-scale platforms are in constant need of fresh and high-quality content for millions of dedicated users that is easy to integrate and deliver.



Wortal for Enterprise: perfect for platforms looking to source high-quality games and content, complete with streamlined delivery, customization, and built-in monetization options.


  • Top-quality Games & Content
    An ever-growing library of top-notch games & content for your users
  • Streamlined Delivery
    Effortlessly onboard and deliver new and engaging content
  • Customizable Solutions
    Seamlessly blend content into your platform that fits your specific needs
  • Boost Ad Revenue
    Integrate high value ad placements only available to HTML5 content, such as interstitial and rewarded ad formats
  • Highly Scalable
    A versatile system that crosses multiple channels

Wortal is the total package solution for large platforms in need of high-quality games and content from top-notch game developers. Highly scalable and versatile, Wortal delivers an ever-expanding library of rich and entertaining HTML5 content across platforms and apps. Our platform currently provides a curated selection of top-quality games that come with a built-in ad monetization system for Rakuten Link and Viber, with other platforms planned in the future as well.

Contact us today to explore how Wortal can enhance your platform by offering engaging and entertaining content.

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